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Below is my list of anime shows I’ve been watching this and last year, with my impressions and short reviews of them.

Kaguya-sama: Love Is War

The battle of two geniuses, who want to make each other confess first.

Kaguya-sama: Love Is War

Currently airing second season, this is probably one of the most amazing gems of the season.

What if two tsunderes fell in love with each other?

Neither Kaguya Shinomiya nor Miyuki Shirogane are going to swallow their pride and be the one to submit.

But the more time passes, the more they both realize how much love and affection they have to each other, while having to hide it.

Both holding positions at the student council of prestigious Shuchiin Academy and being top students, they still come from different backgrounds.

Kaguya is a future heir of the richest family in Japan, and Miyuki is just a very hardworking and talented guy who got into the academy for his exceptionally good grades.

So Myuki has to work twice as hard as most of other students in the academy to stay on the top and be able to impress Kaguya.

Kaguya Shinomiya: O Kawaii Koto

Failing in something and being looked down upon by Kaguya was his main fear at the beginning. But she gets much more affection for him, too, as the series progresses.

This anime has been a truly amazing watching experience for me, and I’d never rate it below 10/10. The voice acting and music/sounds there are just as good as everything else.


K-On! is probably one of the most known anime in the world and thus needs no introduction.

Although I just watched some of “the best moments” on YouTube rather than watching every single episode in full, it’s still in my list of my favorite anime.

The voice acting and music in K-On! is beyond amazing. So many fans around the world are falling in love with it.

They even held some live events with the voice actresses acting as band members.

Even an insert band “Death Devil”, which apeared in the anime quite briefly, had their time on the event. No wonder it was so popular in Japan.

K-On! is definitely a 10/10 masterpiece.

After School Dice Club

Another masterpiece in its own genre. 10/10.

Kyōko Maki

A shy girl Miki Takekasa never made any true friends nor had true fun before meeting Aya, Midori, Emilia, and others. The girls found their passion in board games.

After School Dice Club

The anime also displays many of real-world board games, many of which originate in Germany and other countries.


Midori works part-time in a board games shop (which she obviously treats seriously, making sure to fulfill her duties with the best quality and efficiency), but the job is not only to make quick cash. She has another dream, which she starts to work on with the others.

After School Dice Club

Perfect anime to watch after a hard day of work or school.

And other good anime

I just saw the trailer, as well as opening and ending themes, and some clips on YouTube of Science Fell in Love, So I Tried to Prove it, so that looks like a good anime as well.

Probably another niche anime for nerds, and less general like Bleach or Naruto Shippuden, but it may well be worth the time to watch.



Also I watched some of “Parasyte”, “Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai”, “Haven’t You Heard? I’m Sakamoto” and a few others like “Gintama” (best moments compilations).

“Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken!” was pretty interesting, but didn’t hold my attention past 4th or 5th episode.

“Seton Academy: Join the Pack!” was pretty fun, with a season of 12 episodes in total.

Bonus: some of J-pop and metal

The photo below is beautiful Yui Ogura (小倉 唯).

Yui Ogura with guns

And she’s probably the cutest singer in the world! But seriously, you can find her songs or live performances on YouTube.

There are also so many other fantastic singers from Japan, that it would require at least another large post to describe, but I’ll at least share another example here.

A very creative combination of idol and metal music:

Japan is extremely rich for spectacular music and live shows, and I’d like to encourage you to try and discover some of them on your own.


Anime has been a pretty good hobby for me, not only allowing me to get some fun, but also showing me and making me learn many new things and concepts, making me understand human emotions and characters more deeply, and even deal with anxiety and gain more confidence in the ways I probably couldn’t even imagine before.

Japanese culture is extremely ancient while extremely modern at the same time, making it one of the most interesting countries to cooperate with and learn from. Anime made me more curious about Japan in general.

I’ve also been enjoying Japanese music and it’s been pretty interesting for me, too.

13 thoughts on “Anime that I’ve been watching recently”

  1. Science Fell in Love, So I Tried to Prove It: my impressions

    Another amazing anime, likely one of the best romantic comedies.

    Astonishing work of the animators, voice actors, and other team members; the watching experience was absolutely delightful and very breathtaking towards the end of the series.

    The story and characters are extremely brilliant:

    Graduate student Ayame Himuro confesses her love to her graduate classmate Shinya Yukimura, but as scientists they can’t be sure in something unless they prove it.

    They start conducting experiments like measuring the heart-rate while being together, recording their feelings, and measuring the oxytocin levels, so finally they would be able to prove their love.

    Besides all the other characters, Arika Yamamoto was quite an original one. She works as a mangaka, and is being a reference to the manga author himself, whose name (or pen name) is Alfred Yamamoto.

    The anime has tons of references, including even references to fairy tales, which were re-enacted with the anime characters (like “Science-type Cinderella”). Those re-enactments were totally stunning as well.

    And when Arika mentioned Romeo and Juliet, our main character of course thought of the scientific experiment with that name instead of Shakespeare’s masterwork, and in the anime it was a reference to “Boarding School Juliet”.

    So, after a lot of work and research, they were able to measure love, as well as to prove that even such logical and rational people like informational scientists can fall in love.

    Overall, I would totally recommend this beautiful anime. It’s hard to overestimate this great work.

    The anime is also being educational about scientific concepts and some other things.

    By the way, not only it referenced the “Boarding School Juliet” anime, but Alfred Yamamoto also drew a congratulations card and one of the endcards for that anime.

    I believe “Science Fell in Love” was also referenced by “Boarding School Juliet” in chapter 117.

    Incidentally, while I’m on it, “Boarding School Juliet” was also referenced in the end of chapter 49 of “Kaguya-sama: Love is War”, which is another magnificent romcom that I already wrote about.


    Long story short: I liked it.

  2. A few updates to the list:

    A Certain Magical Index — watched the third season. Top tier anime.

    A Certain Scientific Railgun is top tier as well, and I totally loved it. Watched all the episodes and currently watching the third season as it airs.

    A Certain Scientific Accelerator — a spin-off just as interesting as the original “Index”. I like how they told the story with another character as a protagonist.

    And a couple more:

    Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions — such a wholesome and beautiful anime. I watched the first two episodes of the first season (at least so far) and the movie.

    Both seasons also have nice opening themes.

    Magical Sempai — a really fun and light anime, with fairly short episodes. But be aware that it has a bit of ecchi if you’re going to watch it.

  3. Очень удивился, когда узнал что ты любишь аниме. Думал, что для сурового бородача вроде тебя это лишь пустая трата времени 🙂

    1. I think the difference is that in the West and countries like the US it’s a lot more “mainstream” and is just regarded as a niche hobby, even for adults, but in your country it is much less common.

      Hobbies are important, and you need to do something you truly love to be more happy and productive.

      At the end of the day, you wouldn’t regret not spending enough time at uninteresting activities or dull work, but you would regret not spending enough time on the things that truly have a meaning for you.

      If you were to die tomorrow, what would you regret? Would you regret what you are doing right now? If you had to relive your life over and over again the exact same way, would you be fascinated and proud of it, or would you be terrified of that curse?

      Just do whatever makes you happy (unless it hurts someone else) and whatever makes you closer to your goals and helps you to get the progress you need.


      Also, please stick to English the next time you comment.

      1. I absolutely agree with you. I like that you mentioned our meaning of happiness, sometimes I just obsessed with my goals and worrying about the impact of my hobby on my career and personal growth. Like “Oh, I hope I don’t spend too much time listening to music, I got a lot of stuff to do!”.

        So I just try to balance, you know. It’s rather better to manage your time and spend free time on your hobbies than on useless conversations or dull work, as you said.

        P. S. Will blog be only in English, or is it just a rule – only EN comments below EN post? Thanks.

        1. Yep, balance is the key.

          I also listen to music daily. I think it makes me feel better and more productive overall.

          > P. S. Will blog be only in English, or is it just a rule – only EN comments below EN post? Thanks.

          Most likely, all the new posts will be in English now. But I’m going to keep the old posts.

          I will probably reconsider the name of the blog sometime later.

  4. “Future Diary” (Mirai Nikki) is another anime I don’t regret watching. I’m not going to write a long detailed review (I don’t have time for that), but I just want to add it to the list, and maybe add just a few thoughts and impressions.

    At first I was a little skeptical about watching a horror, but this anime exceeded my expectations, and the story was so intense that it kept me on the edge of the seat the whole time.

    Perhaps it was even more thrilling to watch than the “Death Note”.

    I enjoyed the plot and the character stories. Yuno Gasai was the most f-up character while being the most brilliant character as well, making the viewer (not to mention the other characters) to constantly change their attitude to her.

    So, my impression was that it’s a “must watch” rated anime for anyone who’s even remotely interested in the genre. It’s also somewhat more suitable for adults in my opinion (lots of violence, etc.).

  5. I watched a few more anime, and I feel like I have to add them to the list.

    One-Punch Man — probably the most shallow anime I’ve watched. I liked it.

    How Heavy Are the Dumbbells You Lift? — anime about bodybuilding. I liked it.

    My Little Monster — watched only episodes 2-6, I think it failed to keep my attention after that.

    Engaged to the Unidentified (未確認で進行形) — I didn’t make it past episode 1, because I was bored, but I don’t necessarily mean it was bad.

  6. I watched “Akame ga Kill!“. By this point I’ve watched so many anime that I’m not even sure what to say about it. Spoiler: in the end everyone has died.

    Also currently watching “Arte” which I can’t say I’m not enjoying. I don’t regret that I kept watching after the first episode.

    It’s, first of all, an anime about a girl who works hard to achieve her goal and make a living on her own by working her favorite trade. She became an apprentice of a painting master in order to eventually become a master on her own.

    The anime takes place in early 16th-century Florence. Sometimes it felt like shojo, mostly because the protagonist is a young woman/girl, but according to Wikipedia it’s seinen (which makes sense as I, as an young adult man, find it interesting).

    Also, the art style in this anime is just great.

    I’m watching it in English dub, so there are only 8 episodes so far, so I’m going to watch it as soon as new episodes air.

    It feels like we’re only in the beginning in the plot, but there’s going to be only 12 episodes in total.


    Also, I’m considering writing some more quality content than “the list of anime i’ve watched”. Maybe it’s time to write something about programming or something else, but I can’t promise it yet.

  7. Just adding “Danganronpa” (all arcs) and “The Millionaire Detective – Balance: UNLIMITED” to the list.

  8. Watched “Attack on Titan“, I think it was 75 episodes or so. It was a bit disappointing to learn that the second half of the final season will air next year.

    Also watched “Death Parade” when I had nothing better to do.

  9. Watched second season of Kakegurui (“Kakegurui ×ד) last month. Didn’t watch it before because there was no English dub.

    And watched “Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun“, as well as “Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches” recently, both were better than I expected.

    I usually don’t mention if I re-watch something, but some time ago I re-watched “Kaguya-sama: Love is War?” (second season), because it came in English dub. I wonder when I can watch anime in original without English sub or dub, but can’t say I’m complaining.

  10. Watched “Neon Genesis Evangelion” last month. To be frank, I watched it to the end mostly because it is often rated so highly in the community and because it has so many memes around it.

    Overall, it was quite unremarkable.

    Of course, I already knew the lore and memes, but my favorite meme was “Gendo’s paradise” AMV, after which I finally decided to watch the series.

    I wouldn’t rate it very high as for overall enjoyment, but I guess it was pretty decent for 1995.

    It’s worth a watch if you already watched more enjoyable series (I understand it’s quite subjective, but most viewers describe this anime as quite hard to watch and leaving quite mixed feelings) and to see for yourself what all the hype was about.

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